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There has been a sharp rise in the number of people who want to jailbreak their iPhone 5, 5c or 5s and I have been getting a lot of messages regarding the process. For newcomers to jailbreaking it can seem very overwhelming and I want toprovide some basic information that really helped me in the beginning.

Something that I really need to emphasize though is that, under no circumstances, should you try to jailbreaking your iPhone 5 series yourself. You can find many guides online about doing this yourself however, as someone who has tried it, it is not recommended. I was lucky with my attempt and I didn’t ‘brick’ my iPhone however I did cause damage to the iOS and needed a professional to fix it for me. Jailbreaking by yourself is risky and just not worth the effort.

That is why I am going to outline some trusted jailbreaking services that will do the process for you. I have listed 3 here that are my top choices and I have used all of them at one time or another. Jailbreaking does not take long to complete if you are experienced in doing it however this doesn’t mean that you should take on the risk yourself and try and jailbreak your iPhone 5 series.

Here are my top sites:

Number 1 – iJailbreak Pro

iJailbreak Pro is actually relatively new to me however my experience with them so far has propelled the service to the top of my list. The jailbreak itself takes about 5 minutes to complete and I have never had any issues with them at all.

A fantastic addition to their service is that, with the jailbreak, you also get your iPhone unlocked. This means that you can use your iPhone 5 series on any network which you have access to and this comes included in the price so there is no extra charge. Unlocking and jailbreaking often get mixed up with one another however they both have something in common and that is that they shouldn’t be attempted without professional help so getting this service included is a real bonus.

On top of that you also get a 30 day guarantee with iJailbreak Pro so if you are not happy with the jailbreak for whatever reason you can get your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s restored to its default settings. In fact, you also gain a lifetime membership so if any updates come out for the iPhone that require another jailbreak you get this service automatically with your initial fee.

Lastly I want to mention their customer support. Even though the process is a quick and simple one for the jailbreakers I still had my doubts especially after trying to do it myself. However, their customer support team were fantastic and answered all my questions no matter how simple or silly some of them were. iJailbreak Pro definitely lead the way when it comes to customer service.

I can’t recommend these guys highly enough and they are a full 10/10 in my book. You can check them out here.

Number 2 – Apple Unlocker

My second choice for having an iPhone 5 series jailbroken. They are actually a very good company and I used their service several times before I discovered iJailbreak Pro. The actual process itself does take a little longer however you will have your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s jailbroken in under half an hour (usually around 20 minutes).

The reason I went with iJailbreak Pro rather than Apple Unlocker as my top choice was because the former offers much more for your money. Apple Unlocker offer a working jailbreaking service that doesn’t come with many of the added extras and their customer service is not as good. You need to wait for around 24 hours or so to get a reply to an email which is a long time for a process such as this.

I rate them at 7/10 as they offer a working jailbreaking service even if it does have a few drawbacks. You can find more information here.

Number 3 – iJailbreak Tool

Finally we have iJailbreak Tool. The reason that I am including it on my list is that it works and is a much better option than either doing the process yourself or falling for some of the jailbreaking scams out there.

However, compared to the other two options, iJailbreak Pro in particular, it pales in comparison.

Their customer service team could use a real revamp. It is all very well being based on India however if you are trying to appeal to English speaking customers then you need to make sure that your staff speak fluent English – unlike iJailbreak Pro, iJailbreak Tool’s team does not. You can phone them however communication is a problem and they take a while to respond to emails and you can tell that they haven’t been written by a native English speaker.

The instructions aren’t clear either and this was a problem for me given how apprehensive I was about the whole process in the beginning.

The bottom line is that this service works and is better than trying to do it yourself however I would only use them if my other two choices were unavailable.

In Summary

The services that I have listed above work and are a far better and safer option that trying to follow an online jailbreaking guide and doing it yourself.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend iJailbreak Pro as my first choice based on the reasons that I have already mentioned. They really are a superior service in every way and offer great value. The other two certainly work and I would use them if iJailbreak Pro was not available.

The iPhone 5, 5c and 5s are great devices that have a lot of power and potential however you can gain access to many great new features by jailbreaking them. It is fast, easy and cheap to do so with a professional service and my advice to is to unleash the full potential of your iPhone 5 series.

Thanks for reading.


Mike Tutor


imagesWhen the first iOS 7 beta was released to developers, in June 2013, something was spotted, something that only a few people knew how to access .We are talking about a bundle of hidden settings.  Thanks to the iPhone 5 jailbreak now everyone can have access to them.

These settings are there already, on your iPhone so, by installing the iPhone 5 jailbreak you are not actually adding in anything new.  However, you cannot just access them any old how, you need to use a tweak to do it and for that, you need to jailbreak iPhone 5.

What are these hidden settings?

They are actually tools that Apple uses to test out different things, such as the speed of the animations on the iPhone, user interface tweaks and a few other customizations.  To be fair, the settings do not give you too much but it is a good way of taking full advantage of the iPhone 5S jailbreak.

And, on top of that, it is another way for you to take control of your iPhone back from Apple!

Now that Mobile Substrate has been fully updated to support iOS 7, it also supports the iPhone 5 jailbreak and so you can download this nifty tweak from Cydia. It is called HiddenSettings7 and here is how to use it:

How to Use HiddenSettings7

  1. The first step is to jailbreak iPhone 5/5C/5S
  2. Open Cydia
  3. Tap on Manage
  4. You need to add a repository to Cydia here so tap on Sources
  5. Tap Edit and then Add
  6. Type in this URL: http://repo.cydiahacks.com
  7. Tap on Add Source and let Cydia install the repository
  8. Now tap on Sources and enter the CydiaHacks repository
  9. Tap on a package called Bootstrap and install it.
  10. Respring your iPhone 5
  11. Now go back into Cydia and into the CydiaHacks repository again
  12. Install the Hidden SBSettings tweak and respring your iPhone 5 again.
  13. Tap on Springboard Settings to activate all the hidden ones

Now you can access those hidden settings from your control center when you jailbreak iPhone 5C.  Simply swipe up the screen, open control center and then tap on Springboard Settings.

This is just one more way to regain control of your iPhone and another great reason to jailbreak iPhone 5S.

Update – This package is now available, free of charge in the BigBoss repository in Cydia.


Calrec_SiriSiri was first introduced on the iPhone 4S with iOS 5 and, since then, has continues to grow, not just in support but in new features added by Apple.  For those who know that Siri is capable of so much more, you need to jailbreak iPhone 5 and head on over to Cydia.

Why? Because there are loads of tweaks in Cydia that add to what Siri is ca[able of and we are going to tell you about 10 of them, right here:

NeuroCube Siri – $1.00 – ModMyi Repo

NeuroCube is a neat iPhone 5 jailbreak theme that gives the Siri interface a futuristic look. It isn’t the prettiest theme but it doesn’t look too bad.

Lingual – Free – BigBoss Repo

Lingual is not a standalone iPhone 5C jailbreak tweak.  It is actually an Assistant Extensions Plugin, which we will talk about later, and it lets you translate complete phrases and words into a number of different languages, just using Siri.

SiriToggles – Free – BigBoss Repo

SiriToggles uses an SBSettings-like toggle access system but just using your voice. It is one of the original Siri tweaks and continues to be supported to this day.

Hands Free Control – $2.99 – BigBoss Repo

This is another iPhone 5S jailbreak tweak that has been around for some time and is one feature that nearly all iOS users want.  It makes calling up Siri so easy, no need to touch your device or even look at it.  Simply speak a keyword that you set and Siri will wake up and go to work for you.

Sara –Free – Private Repo

Sara is an alternative, either for those who cannot get Siri or, if you are about to jailbreak iPhone 5C, in case you want something other than Siri.  It isn’t quite what Siri is but it does work relatively well.

You will not find this on a default repo, you will need to add one into Cydia. This is easy enough, just follow the steps below:

  • Open Cydia
  • Tap on Manage>Sources>Edit>Add
  • Type in this URL:  http://isoftjsc.com
  • Tap on Add Source

Once Cydia has installed the repo, you can go into it and download Sara

Neurotech Siri – $1.00 – ModMyi Repo

Similar to NeuroCube Siri, this one is a more animated tweak for when you jailbreak iPhone 5S.  It is a great looking theme and has nearly 300 animation frames.

AssistantExtensions – Free – BigBoss Repo

We mentioned this one above; AssistantExtensions is one of the best iPhone 5 jailbreak tweaks available for Siri. This is one of the few tweaks that will take add-ons and plugins although not too many have been developed just yet.  However, those that have include translation and voice search for YouTube. There is huge room for growth on this iPhone 5 jailbreak app so if there are any budding developers out there, now’s your chance.

AssistantConnect – Free – BigBoss Repo

Although you can use this on the iPhone 5/5S/5C jailbreak, it was originally developed for the iPhone 4S. It allows you to send keys to an older device so that they can run Siri as well. It is an easy app to set up and is completely free.

MyAssistant – $0.99 – BigBoss Repo

MyAssistant is one of the most packed Siri tweaks available when you jailbreak iPhone 5.  You can use Siri to toggle your system settings, give it custom commands, open up specific apps, use Activator actions and change Siri’s background if you want.

Spire – Free – BigBoss Repo

Spire is the original reason for Siri working on the older 4S devices and is used by several other Siri tweaks and servers. To put it simply, if Spire did not exist, Siri would not be able to legally run on the iPhone 4S


jbip5If you are busy looking for an iPhone 5 jailbreak, you may have noticed that there seem to be an awful lot appearing just lately. A quick search on the internet will yield thousands of websites that offer to jailbreak iPhone 5 but how do you know which ones are real and which are fake?

We are going to show you no less than 5 ways to spot that a jailbreak is a fake:

  • The iPhone 5S jailbreak is Free

Free jailbreaks are rarely for real and, even if they do work, you can expect to encounter an awful lot of problems. A recent free jailbreak caused a lot of issues with reboot loops, freezing, unexplained reboots and a number of others besides.

If a jailbreak is free, please walk away from it and keep on searching.

  • The iPhone 5C jailbreak is Over-advertised

When you jailbreak iPhone 5C you clearly want a genuine utility. If you see one that constantly appears in blog posts or articles then there is a good chance it is a fake.  Many fake jailbreaks are overly advertised to draw potential users into a web that does nothing for you and only earns the “jailbreak” owner some cash. That leads is to the next point:

  • You have to Complete Surveys

This is an absolute no-no when you jailbreak iPhone 5.  Jailbreak websites that ask you for personal information or ask you to fill in a survey before you can download are clear fakes.  There is one doing the rounds at the moment that asks you to download and play a free app – you do not get to jailbreak iPhone 5C afterwards but the website owner gets paid through the app link.

Some fake sites will also ask you to complete trials, which require you submitting your credit card details. While you will need to pay for a genuine iPhone 5S jailbreak, you will never be asked to complete any surveys or trials beforehand.

  • The iPhone 5 Jailbreak Will Download Without a Computer

This should set the alarm bells ringing right away. Anyone who has previously jailbroken an iPhone will know that, even when you jailbreak iPhone 5S you will still need a computer to do it.  There is no jailbreak hiding within your iPhone 5, waiting for you to activate it but some sites will try to tell you there is.

  • Wants Donations Before They Have built the iPhone 5 Jailbreak Software

This is a big clue that you are dealing with a fake jailbreak.  You will come across people who say they have a working iPhone 5/5C/5S jailbreak but need money up front to fund it.  Please, keep your credit card in your wallet, where it belongs.

Pay for your jailbreak when it is released or when it on something called Pre-Order – this is not the same as paying a donation for something that many never appear. Pre-orders are for an iPhone 5 jailbreak that is guaranteed.

Hopefully you are now forewarned and well-armed to spot a fake jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and will not fall into the same trap that many others have done before you.


RxiwNi9Each and every iOS version that is released has one thing missing – a good app launcher. There are a couple of half-decent apps in the Apple app store but none of them come anywhere near what Android offers.

Unless, of course, you choose to jailbreak iPhone 5.  As soon as you install that jailbreak, your options expand beyond anything you could ever have thought possible. There are dozens of different apps for you to choose from, including a number of very good app launchers.

Here are 7 of the very best app launchers we found on Cydia, just for the iPhone 5 jailbreak:

Swipey – BigBoss Repository – $1.99

Swipey is a fantastic iPhone 5C jailbreak app that works with swipe gestures.  It has a number of options for configuration and you can set up swipe shortcuts for a maximum of 6 separate apps direct from your lock screen.

It’s a minimalistic app launcher that works with a simple swipe to the left to bring up pages that are to the right of your lock screen.  Each page is a separate shortcut to an individual app; swipe to the page you want and leave your screen on that page – the app will launch automatically.

AppBox – BigBoss Repository – $0.99

AppBox is a great iOS 7 app launcher and is even more minimal that Swipey.   Instead of up to 6 pages on the right of the lock screen, AppBox has just one that displays the icons of your favourite apps.

However, there is more to AppBox than that.  You can pick which apps go in the launcher, configure the opacity of each icon, change the background blur, resize the icons and much more besides.  You can also hide the app labels and badges if you wish.

RocketLauncher – ModMyi Repository – $1.00

RocketLauncher is another lock screen launcher for the iPhone 5S jailbreak.  It works by way of gesture actions from the lock screen – just tap and hold any part of the lock screen to launch the app.

RocketLauncher shows a preview screen of each app in the launcher on the left of the screen and the actual app icons stacked on the right of the screen.   App configuration allows you to have up to 7 shortcuts but, if you don’t go into the settings, RocketLauncher will automatically display icons for the most recently used apps.

Gestr – BigBoss Repository – $0.99

When you jailbreak iPhone 5C, one of the reasons you do it is to make life easier for yourself.  Gestr is an app launcher that does just that.  It is something different in that it allows you open apps by drawing shapes on the screen.  It has no limits on what shapes you can use although actually assigning one is a little bit on the tricky side because there is an absence of preferences, instead you use just one activator gesture.

JellyLock7 – BigBoss Repo – Free

This is an upgraded version of the iOS 6 JellyLock app, based on the popular Android lock screen launcher.  It lets you add up to 5 shortcuts for apps arranged in a semi-circle on the lock screen. All you do is tap and hold on the circle, drag it and place it on top of the app you want to launch.

You don’t lose your Unlock or Camera icons so you can still access them quickly.  It’s a very smooth app. It has support for passcode locks and provides options for disabling the requirement for passcodes, disable the camera and badges to clean things up a bit.

Polus – BigBoss Repository – $0.99

This is one of the quickest app launchers available and has undergone careful design for the iOS 7 jailbreak.  There are loads of options for customization and ways to control this app, allowing you to place your app shortcuts into your control center.

ListLauncher – BigBoss Repository – $0.99

With the iPhone 5S jailbreak, you get so much choice it can be difficult to know where to start. ListLauncher is one of those unique apps that everyone should at least try. It allows you to launch your favourite apps from Spotlight but without having to actually search for them.

It works by adding a new list to the results view in Spotlight, one that lists all your favourite and most used apps.

So, when you jailbreak iPhone 5S, you have a wonderful choice of app launchers to choose form instead of being stuck with the half-hearted attempt that Apple provides.

As you can see, many of the apps have to be paid for but to be honest, the cost is so small that it isn’t worth worrying about.



indexiOS 7 gave jailbreak developers a new set of rules to play by.  Far from killing off jailbreaking, iOS 7 actually gave developers new features to work on and new hardware to develop apps for.

The success of jailbreaking iOS 7 has been virtually unparalleled and the Cydia apps are flying around, thick and fast.

With new jailbreak apps being released into Cydia every week, it is difficult to keep up with them all. However, we have managed to find 4 brand new apps, only small ones, but all free. Have a look and see what you think of these iPhone 5 jailbreak apps


If you jailbreak iPhone 5 and use your Video app a lot, this is a great little app. It allows you to control the volume controls on your video app and in Safari browser as well.  You can also fast forward or rewind through videos with simple gestures on the screen.

There are a couple of custom options for you to choose from in Settings but, on the whole, this is a fairly simple app that will also work on the iPhone 5C jailbreak.


If you want to adjust your brightness manually, you can access it through the Control center. However, if you jailbreak iPhone 5C you can download this app. When you open control center, your background dims and then brightens again when you shut it down.

That can make it difficult to keep your brightness at an optimum level. ControlUnDim stops that by making the Control Center transparent. This brightens the springboard and makes it much easier to manually change your settings.


When you jailbreak iPhone 5S, you get a lot more stings to play around with. If you are like many people and never use the “Near Me” tab in the official app store, download this Cydia app and get rid of it forever.


This is a very simple Cydia app that lets you change the text in Spotlight search. You can edit it so it says exactly what you want it to say. Fore example, if you have SearchLoader installed from Cydia, and you set it up for specific searches, you can edit the text to read “Search messages” or “Search Mail”.

All of these Cydia apps are fully compatible with the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S that has been jailbroken on iOS 7.  Jailbreaking the iPhone is a simple matter and not very expensive.

When you buy your iPhone 5/5S/5C jailbreak software, be careful that you are getting what you pay for. You should get a guarantee of success or your money back and a customer service team to talk to if you need to.



AppLocker-Calculator-Touch-IDWhen the iPhone 5S released in September last year, it was with a couple of stunning new features. Firstly, the processor was a 64-bit as opposed to the normal 32-bit in all other iPhones.

Secondly, it had an M7 Motion control coprocessor; to help take the weight off the main one and thirdly the iPhone 5S had a fingerprint sensor – Touch ID

All of these features, as well as iOS 7, have created hundreds of new possibilities for the jailbreak developers and, in recent weeks, a number of Touch ID specific apps have arrived in Cydia.

Jailbreaking has really taken off since Apple released iOS 7. Despite many believing that the new firmware would kill jailbreaking, on the contrary it has actually increased the possibilities.

Jailbreak developers are releasing updates to their old apps and releasing new apps designed specifically for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S that have been jailbroken.

For those who have a jailbroken iPhone 5S, look at these:


AppLocker is actually quite an old Cydia app but it has recently received an update to support both iOS 7 and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.  What AppLocker does is helps you to place an extra layer of protection on your jailbroken iPhone 5S by protecting each individual app.

To open an app you need to type on a passcode or use Touch ID.  Because this supports passcode unlocking, AppLocker is available for download onto any jailbroken iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C as well.

AppLocker also works to stop you deleting apps without the same authentication as well, making your jailbroken iPhone 5, iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S truly protected from malicious use.

You can download and install AppLocker from the ModMyi repository on Cydia for $0.99.


BioProtect will only work on an iPhone 5S with a jailbreak installed because it is a Touch ID specific app. Therefore, it will not work on the iPhone 5 or 5C.  It works in a similar manner to AppLocker in that it protects individual apps by requiring Touch ID authentication to access them.

It is one of the more basic Touch ID apps and is available for $2.99 on the BigBoss repository on Cydia.


BioLockdown comes from Ryan Petrich, one of the most active jailbreak developers around right now.  It is a cheaper version of BioProtect but seems to have more features to help protect the jailbroken iPhone 5S. 

As well as being able to lock individual apps, BioLockdown also lets you protect toggles in the Control Center and other parts of the Settings app, given an even deeper layer of protection.

BioLockdown is available from the BigBoss repository on Cydia for just $1.99.


The Touch ID fingerprint sensor doesn’t just have to be used for security, as this app proves.  Touchy lets you set fingerprints for specific apps, i.e. Messages, Mail or Phone and, by using that fingerprint you can open those apps.

Again, this one can only be used on the jailbroken iPhone 5S and is available on the BigBoss repository for $1.99.

Virtual Home

The name says it all for this one. Instead of having to press down on your Home button to go back to your Home screen, all you need to do is place your finger lightly on it.  The Touch ID sensor responds by opening your home screen, exactly as if you had called it up in the normal way.

If you have Activator downloaded, you can also set the same feature up as a gesture but Virtual Home is more precise.

Virtual Home can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository on Cydia free.

As each week passes, more and more Touch ID apps are making their way to Cydia. One or two of them are also adding in alternative responses, similar to AppLocker, so that they can be used on any jailbroken iPhone 5, 5C or 5S. 

Apple has recently made several software updates to the iOS firmware that improve the function and reliability of Touch ID, thus making these jailbreak apps even better.  It is hoped that the next generation of iPad will also have the Touch ID sensor, meaning they will be able to take advantage of apps such as this as well.

If you are planning to jailbreak your iPhone 5, iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, check out our other articles for ideas on the best service provider to use.


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