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There has been a sharp rise in the number of people who want to jailbreak their iPhone 5, 5c or 5s and I have been getting a lot of messages regarding the process. For newcomers to jailbreaking it can seem very overwhelming and I want toprovide some basic information that really helped me in the beginning.

Something that I really need to emphasize though is that, under no circumstances, should you try to jailbreaking your iPhone 5 series yourself. You can find many guides online about doing this yourself however, as someone who has tried it, it is not recommended. I was lucky with my attempt and I didn’t ‘brick’ my iPhone however I did cause damage to the iOS and needed a professional to fix it for me. Jailbreaking by yourself is risky and just not worth the effort.

That is why I am going to outline some trusted jailbreaking services that will do the process for you. I have listed 3 here that are my top choices and I have used all of them at one time or another. Jailbreaking does not take long to complete if you are experienced in doing it however this doesn’t mean that you should take on the risk yourself and try and jailbreak your iPhone 5 series.

Here are my top sites:

Number 1 – iJailbreak Pro

iJailbreak Pro is actually relatively new to me however my experience with them so far has propelled the service to the top of my list. The jailbreak itself takes about 5 minutes to complete and I have never had any issues with them at all.

A fantastic addition to their service is that, with the jailbreak, you also get your iPhone unlocked. This means that you can use your iPhone 5 series on any network which you have access to and this comes included in the price so there is no extra charge. Unlocking and jailbreaking often get mixed up with one another however they both have something in common and that is that they shouldn’t be attempted without professional help so getting this service included is a real bonus.

On top of that you also get a 30 day guarantee with iJailbreak Pro so if you are not happy with the jailbreak for whatever reason you can get your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s restored to its default settings. In fact, you also gain a lifetime membership so if any updates come out for the iPhone that require another jailbreak you get this service automatically with your initial fee.

Lastly I want to mention their customer support. Even though the process is a quick and simple one for the jailbreakers I still had my doubts especially after trying to do it myself. However, their customer support team were fantastic and answered all my questions no matter how simple or silly some of them were. iJailbreak Pro definitely lead the way when it comes to customer service.

I can’t recommend these guys highly enough and they are a full 10/10 in my book. You can check them out here.

Number 2 – Apple Unlocker

My second choice for having an iPhone 5 series jailbroken. They are actually a very good company and I used their service several times before I discovered iJailbreak Pro. The actual process itself does take a little longer however you will have your iPhone 5, 5c or 5s jailbroken in under half an hour (usually around 20 minutes).

The reason I went with iJailbreak Pro rather than Apple Unlocker as my top choice was because the former offers much more for your money. Apple Unlocker offer a working jailbreaking service that doesn’t come with many of the added extras and their customer service is not as good. You need to wait for around 24 hours or so to get a reply to an email which is a long time for a process such as this.

I rate them at 7/10 as they offer a working jailbreaking service even if it does have a few drawbacks. You can find more information here.

Number 3 – iJailbreak Tool

Finally we have iJailbreak Tool. The reason that I am including it on my list is that it works and is a much better option than either doing the process yourself or falling for some of the jailbreaking scams out there.

However, compared to the other two options, iJailbreak Pro in particular, it pales in comparison.

Their customer service team could use a real revamp. It is all very well being based on India however if you are trying to appeal to English speaking customers then you need to make sure that your staff speak fluent English – unlike iJailbreak Pro, iJailbreak Tool’s team does not. You can phone them however communication is a problem and they take a while to respond to emails and you can tell that they haven’t been written by a native English speaker.

The instructions aren’t clear either and this was a problem for me given how apprehensive I was about the whole process in the beginning.

The bottom line is that this service works and is better than trying to do it yourself however I would only use them if my other two choices were unavailable.

In Summary

The services that I have listed above work and are a far better and safer option that trying to follow an online jailbreaking guide and doing it yourself.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend iJailbreak Pro as my first choice based on the reasons that I have already mentioned. They really are a superior service in every way and offer great value. The other two certainly work and I would use them if iJailbreak Pro was not available.

The iPhone 5, 5c and 5s are great devices that have a lot of power and potential however you can gain access to many great new features by jailbreaking them. It is fast, easy and cheap to do so with a professional service and my advice to is to unleash the full potential of your iPhone 5 series.

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Technology has grown in leaps and bounds. In this modern era, patrons tend engage in iPhone 5 jailbreak sessions. This is because jailbreaking confers them with complete control into the gadget. Jailbreaking is a process with many principles and strategies. The routine is customized for Apple products. Unlike many other technical processes, jailbreaking is an easy and straightforward technique.

From novice computer users to experienced techno geeks, iPhone 5 jailbreak sessions are meant for a wide range of people. You can jailbreak your much loved iDevice in few short minutes. The entire process would span from 30 to 45 minutes. So, are you still wondering if you must jailbreak your iPhone 5 Series or not? If yes, feel lucky! In this article, you will read about the benefits of jailbreaking.

Feel Your iDevice!

Everyone loves to control and customize their gadgets. Techno geeks consider personalized gadgets as their better half. For instance, the phone’s theme, type of applications and ringtones will give a simple insight into your personality and favorites. However, the iDevices cannot be configured fully. Its default settings cannot be changed. In such situations, jailbreaking will lend you a hand of support. The process will let you customize your much loved device. From new themes to startling screensavers, you can install what you admire!

The fight between Browsers!

So, what is your favorite web browser? Do you like Google, Mozilla or Safari? It is quite interesting to note that tens of thousands of people dread the use of Apple’s Safari. The web browser does not comprise of user friendly features or common options. Techno freaks believe that Google Chrome is several light years ahead of Safari. Nevertheless, Apple users cannot configure Chrome as their default browser. This is why they engage in iPhone 5 Jailbreak session. Jailbreaking saves them from the grips of Safari.

Special Mail Apps!

Fervent internet users tend to make use of special mail applications. Such users consider Apple’s mail applications as boring, obsolete and colorless. If you hate Apple’s messenger and mail app, trust me, you should jailbreak the device. When you accomplish a successful iPhone 5 jailbreak session, you will have the wit to install well-reputed applications like Tweak, Sparrow and Gmail Buddy. These are interesting applications that would enhance your iDevice experience.

The Need for Applications Like “Siri”

Moving on, do you enjoy unlimited entertainment? Have you ever tried installing “Siri” in your iDevice? If No, you are missing a huge myriad of benefits. Siri opens an endless world, filled with unlimited movies, videos, podcasts and audio files. The app will let you access third party sites to the fullest. Hence, you can take your Apple-experience to a whole new height. Try to imagine this: How would it be to watch your favorite music video in a crystal clear screen with flawless, uninterrupted sounds?

The Ultimate Bottom Line

The benefits of an iPhone 5 jailbreak session are yet to be discovered! This article gives a general insight into the features enjoyed by conventional jailbreakers.


If you have an iPhone 5, 5s or 5c then it is likely that you have heard of jailbreaking. Even people who wouldn’t class themselves as ‘tech savvy’ or know too much about mobile technology beside taking a few photos, making calls and downloading some popular apps generally know what jailbreaking is. Even if they don’t actually jailbreak their device they will know what a jailbreak iPhone 5, 5s or 5c results in.

However people are jailbreaking their iPhone 5, 5s or 5c for a variety of reasons however we want to look at one of the main ones here – Winterboard.

Apple Can Be Very Restrictive 

We aren’t denying that the Apple iPhone 5, 5s or 5c is not a great range of devices. They are and they wouldn’t have the popularity and sales that they do if they weren’t – even with the Apple brand name. However they can be very restrictive. This does not just mean in the apps that are available for the device but also in the way that it looks and feels. While other operating systems for mobile devices allows a certain degree of customization, this is not always possible with Apple products such as the iPhone.

What Is Winterboard?

Just about everyone – whether they are an Apple iPhone user or not – will know what the icons and iPhone home screen looks like. However with just the default and straight out of the box device then it is not possible to alter this significantly. It might not be the biggest deal in regards to the iPhone 5, 5s or 5c and jailbreaking but for people who like control over their iPhone then it can make a big difference. Winterboard essentially allows for the customization of the home screens on your iPhone and creates alternative icons and designs. You can even download full themes as well for the device.

It Has Practical Advantages Too

A lot of people thing of Winterboard as just an added benefit of the iPhone 5, 5s or 5c. Whereas jailbreaking offers a lot of other practical measures such as being able to download better apps from the Cydia store, Winterboard is also very practical. It means you can customize your iPhone 5, 5s or 5c in a way in which it makes it easier to use for yourself. This means handy app shortcuts, a better design and generally making the device more efficient as a whole.

Jailbreaking for the iPhone 5, 5s or 5c is quick, easy and most of all it is a process that is designed to better the device. We think that the iPhone 5 range is one of the best about at the minute however that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved by such a simple task. Jailbreaking the iPhone 5, 5s or 5c will not cost much nor will it take up much time to do so. The fact is that even the most inexperienced of technology users can benefit from a jailbreak and in just 10 minutes you can have a device that is fully customizable and enhanced.


If you are an ardent reader of magazines like “Javox”, you will definitely know a lot about Jailbreaking the iPad, iPhone and iPod. So, what exactly is jailbreaking? Does the process comprise of many advantageous benefits? Why have 10 million Apple users, jailbroken their gadgets? If you are breaking your head with these questions, feel lucky! In this article, you will read about the benefits of an iPhone 5 jailbreak!

Enjoy Your Apple Device

Technically, jailbreaking is the process of releasing your device from the so-called-walls of Apple. It is quite interesting to note that Apple has imposed many restrictions on its devices. This makes the device extremely secure and stable. However, these restrictions have not pleased techno geeks. This is because you cannot experiment or enjoy the Apple device to its fullest! Conversely, Jailbreaking destroys the closed mantra of Apple. It allows users to download third party apps, configure the iOS and modify its settings.

The Black Market – Cydia

It is quite difficult to discuss about the benefits of an iPhone 5 jailbreak, without mentioning about Cydia. Experts consider “Cydia” as an ultimate reason behind the challenging move. When you jailbreak an iOS, you will install Cydia in your device. Just like the Apple iTunes AppStore, Cydia is a repository of many unauthorized Apple apps. In other words, Cydia is a “black market” of Apple applications. It allows users to install unauthorized tweaks and apps into their much loved Apple gadget. Thus, an iPhone 5 jailbreak will let you access several million applications, which are not present in the AppStore.

An Interesting Innovation!

Jay Freeman, Muscle Nerd, Posix Ninja and Comex are big names in the field of jailbreaking. These professionals believed that jailbreaking would introduce customization into Apple gadgets. Through an iPhone 5 jailbreak, you can customize your favorite device fully. Always remember that original Apple devices cannot be customized. The brand uses strong algorithms and configurations to protect its originality. Hence, to surpass these barriers, you should jailbreak the device.

Customize Your Expensive, Little Gadget

After an iPhone 5 jailbreak, you will have access to a wide range of applications. For instance, you can try Dream-board and Winter-board for interesting theme changes. These apps will let you modify the look and feel of your iPhone. Dream-board allows users to change their home screen, music player, lock screen, notification center and unlock bar. In other words, jailbreaking will let you personalize and customize your expensive, little gadget to a degree, where you can consider it as your very own!

An Easy and Reversible Process

Finally, it is quite interesting to note that jailbreaking is reversible and easy. Developers and jailbreakers have worked hard to produce reversible solutions. In just few clicks of a button, you can regain the gadget’s original functionalities. Also, remember that these benefits are witnessed and enjoyed by more than 10 million iPhone owners. The need for jailbreaking has increased extensively in the past few years. Thus, if you wish to experiment your Apple gadget fully, trust me, you should jailbreak it!


In this hi-tech era, you can jailbreak iPhone 5 quite effortlessly. There are many techniques and strategies on how to Jailbreak the Apple product. Jailbreaking is not a tough procedure meant only for brainers. Instead, the task could be completed by ordinary folks, with mere knowledge about basic computing. You can Jailbreak iPhone 5 in less than 30 minutes. Now that you have an easy method for Jailbreaking, are wondering if you should do the process or not? So, why should you jailbreak iPhone 5? Is the move worthy and useful? Read on, to find sturdy and discreet answers to these questions.

Ability to Rearrange and Reorganize Mobile Applications!

When you Jailbreak iPhone 5, you will have the freedom to reorganize and rearrange applications. Many people consider this as a mundane statement. However, iOS does not allow individuals to rename their applications. For instance, you cannot change “Sparrow” to “Email” or “Safari” to “Internet”. These names are configured by the iOS. Thus, if you wish to rename the applications, you must jailbreak the device. Also, jailbreaking will let you reorganize apps at anytime. You can include an additional row of mobile applications, change the icon’s size or even customize your home screen. These are few tasks that cannot be done without jailbreaking.

Using Other Web Browsers! Moving Away from Safari!

Everyone has their favorite web browser. Some like Safari, while many others prefer Google Chrome! A recent survey proved that more than 80% of internet users admire Google Chrome. This keeps Google and its rivals within the 80-20 rule! Nevertheless, the original iOS in iPhone 5 does not support chrome. It will not let you modify the gadget’s default browser. Positively, you should admit Safari or Orwellian as your default web browser. On the other hand, you can jailbreak the gadget to change its default web browser. The moment you jailbreak, you will gain more freedom. You can choose from a wide range of mobile browsers like Atomic, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera Mini and many more!

Do You Like Apple’s Mail Application? If No, Jailbreak!

Likewise, Apple iPhone has a native mail application. Users consider this app as dull, boring and colorless. It is quite interesting to note that Apple’s mail app has evolved very slowly. Conversely, the need to jailbreak iPhone 5 has increased remarkably. Potential users of the phone can exploit through apps like “Sparrow and Tweak”, when they jailbreak their priceless gadget. It is quite certain that jailbreaking will make life easier and less twisted!

Using Siri and its enthralling Features

Finally, jailbreaking will let you use the most of Siri! A lot of people are unaware of “Siri”. When Apple released “Siri”, jailbreakers acquired a whole new platform to play on! Siri has tweaks in websites like Cydia. Thus, you can integrate the device with third party software programs effortlessly. When you jailbreak the Apple gadget, you can make use of YouTube, Waze and Spotify to the fullest! These are applications that would enhance your Apple experience.


People who are interested in jailbreaking are always on the search for the benefits of doing so however probably the biggest one is the fact that you can access Cydia as part of the jailbreak. This alternative app store can’t be accessed with just a normal iPhone because it is only available for devices that have benefitted from a jailbreak. Even though most iPhone users – whether they have a jailbreak or not – know of Cydia and what it is not everyone can access it.

So, why is the Cydia app store one of the main reasons as to why you should jailbreak iiPhone 5, 5s 5c

It Is Growing

Perhaps the best thing about jailbreaking the iPhone 5, 5s 5c is that you can access apps which are not normally available on the default iPhone 5, 5s 5c and the apple app store. The Cydia store is massive and actually has many apps which are not available on the normal Apple app store. App developers have done their best in recent years to keep up with demand and ensure that there are enough apps on the store to keep users of jailbroken devices happy.

You Can Find Free Alternatives

There are a lot of apps on the Cydia store which have free alternatives to those on the Apple app store. For example if you have found a great GPS app on the Apple store that costs a few dollars you can probably find an alternative on the Cydia store for a cheaper price or even for free. Jailbreaking actually saves money in the long term this way and for a small fee to have the jailbreak completed in its initial stages you can actually save money over the course of your iPhone 5, 5s 5c lifespan.

It Is More Innovative

The Cydia app store tends to have more innovative apps than those that are available on the Apple app store. This is because the official Apple store tends to be stricter with what it lets onto its store and that many innovative apps with useful tweaks for the device won’t work on the default iOS. Cydia doesn’t have this problem. Due to the fact that it allows far more customization and tweaks to the iPhone 5, 5s 5c then you can have more innovative apps which will turn your device into an immensely powerful one.

For any iPhone 5, 5s 5c user jailbreaking is something that is highly recommended to ensure that the device not only realises its full potential but also provides a great experience for the end user. The iPhone 5, 5s 5c range of devices are great on their own however with access to Cydia on iOS 7.1 and all the different iOS versions then you can really transform your iPhone.
Jailbreaking only takes a few minutes to complete and in the grand scheme of things it is actually very inexpensive considering all the benefits you get. If you are serious about getting the best apps on your device then jailbreaking and Cydia is for you.


Even though many people are still getting to grips with the iPhone 4 series, the iPhone 5 is something that has taken the world by storm.

The device is a massive upgrade on previous iPhone models with the 5 s in particular bringing a lot of new features to the table such as as fingerprint recognition. However, even though the device is great in itself, the fact is that jailbreaking can make the iPhone 5 an even better device than before. However many people have been wondering if jailbreaking actually works on the iPhone 5 and especially with iOS 7.1 now being released and we are here to clear up some misconceptions.

Essentially jailbreaking is great for the iPhone 5 and it works just as well on this device as it does on any other one. Even more so in fact given that so many people are now getting their iPhone 5 jailbroken – the experts behind the jailbreak are ensuring that it works properly and is up to speed with all the various security and software changes from Apple. Many people think that because jailbreaking is an unofficial way in which to enhance the device that it can be risky or sometimes just doesn’t work at all however this is not true in the slightest.

The iPhone 5, 5s and 5c all benefit greatly from jailbreaking and there isn’t a 5 series model out there that doesn’t benefit from jailbreaking or can’t have the process carried out.

Even if you don’t think that your iPhone 5 series device can be jailbroken then you will be in for a surprise. The great thing about those behind the jailbreaking scene is that a new jailbreak is available for the device almost as soon as the latest Apple update is released. This can be a matter of days in some cases.

For example when iOS 7.1 was brought out very recently a jailbreak for the update was ready to go almost right away. Those who create and promote jailbreaks for the iPhone 5 are very quick off the mark and do so because they want to make the device better for those who use it. There is no point in waiting months to bring out a new jailbreak because by that time the next iPhone will probably have been announced and people will be gearing up for its release – not to jailbreak the iPhone 5.

So, in short, if you have an iPhone 5, 5s or 5c then you will be able to get a jailbreak and enhance your device.

Thinking that jailbreaking is only available on older iPhone’s that Apple is not investing as much time in these days is well wide of the mark. In fact this is a popular misconception that is thrown around the internet however it is not true. Any iPhone can be jailbroken regardless of its model or what version of iOS it is using. Thousands of people are jailbreaking their iPhone every day and this ranges from those who have just splashed out on the latest iPhone 5 to those with an older model.


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