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Jailbreaking is a word that is no stranger to any iPhone 5 owner. You probably have come across it a couple of times and are wondering what it is. Jailbreaking is basically the act of getting rid of the limitations placed on your iPhone 5 by Apple so as to take full advantage of the phone’s hardware and software. It grants you full control of your phone by allowing more user customization and access to a ton of cool iPhone 5 applications. It is also completely reversible and has no effect on the phone hardware or firmware. Here, we take a look at some applications you will never use if you don’t jailbreak your iPhone 5.


Ever downloaded an application especially games only to find that it hasn’t been optimized for your iPhone 5 and can’t fit on your 4-inch screen? You instead get black ugly bars on the top and bottom of your screen. This application will automatically stretch your app to fit the screen size without tearing it up or pixelating it.


This application acts as an alternative Apple AppStore. It currently houses a lot of apps that can only run on jailbroken phones. Users are able to download fixes, tweaks and even, though rare, unofficial apps that were rejected by Apple. It also offer applications that can change the native Apple user interface. It is a highly recommended application for any jailbroken iPhone. The store has a record of over 23 million jailbroken iPhone users.


This app brings about free tethering to your iPhone. Although some carriers (e.g. AT&T) may enable you share your data, they charge up to 20 dollars per month for the service. Through MyWi your data can be freely shared not only via Wi-Fi but also via Bluetooth or a USB connection.

BiteSMS and iMessage

These two apps give you the ability to quickly reply to SMS without leaving the current active app. This helps in convenience and saves time. With features such as Quick reply and Quick Compose, users are assured of SMS convenience.


This application allows you to customize swipe gestures that you can use to open applications and switch between applications easily. It eliminates the use of going to the app switcher every time to open your favorite app.

SpringTomize 2

Springtomize lets users change the phone’s display appearance. Users can hide app labels, increase number of apps on dock, change dock icons, shrink icon size and hide carrier name in the status bar.


Android phones have always had the ability to lock their phones with a gesture. This app brings that and more to the iOS platform allowing more security for your iPhone 5. You can customize your gesture to your liking and instead of sliding to unlock, users will only have access to your phone with the correct gesture.


This application basically eliminates the 12 app limit in each folder and gives you the ability to put as many apps as you want in your folders.


Ever wanted to test Google’s voice recognition software on your iPhone 5? NowNow lets you surf the web with Google’s recognition software.

3G Unrestrictor and My3G
These useful apps will enable you to give any application access to 3G network cellular data. It helps where one has 3G data but the application will only let you use Wi-Fi services.

Other notable applications that you will be missing out on your iPhone 5 include Auxa and Browser Chooser. Most of these applications are readily available for sale on Cydia and at favorable prices. You can also find a lot of other cool apps that are offering more functionality on Google. They will change the way you interact with your iPhone 5.

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